About Us

Daekish trade club is a cryptocurrency trade club that deals with bitcoin and altcoins trading.

Daekish trade club was formed to expand and enhance the knowledge of our club members through cryptocurrency education and creating awareness to all our members about the money revolution.

The world of cryptocurrency is developing rapidly. The cryptocurrency exchange market is already in the billions of dollars a day and is tripling yearly.


Our main aim is to buy low and sell high thus making our target profit actualized. We have seasoned traders and analyst that optimize the dynamics of the cryptomarket and hence make profit either in volatility or passive long term period.


DTC has opened up the world of crypto finance (and the excellent profits that come with it) like no other company has before.

For a long time the major players in Cryptocurrency have been the privileged, in-the-know few. But our platform is disrupting the entire industry.


This opportunity truly is for everybody. The platform is simple and intuitive. And the trading feature drops the learning curve down to ZERO!

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